Anti Wordle

Anti Wordle is a type of Wordle game that can only be played in the daily mode and requires players to have a lower level of vocabulary knowledge to correctly guess the word. In this game, the "word of the day" will be presented to you as a challenge, and you will need to resist the temptation to guess what it is. Because the application will simply block letters that have been used in the past and force you to reassemble them in the exact order if you use those letters again, it is currently very difficult to play Anti Wordle without figuring out what the hidden word is.

People who enjoy word guessing games must already be familiar with Wordle, a game that requires players to make six guesses before discovering a hidden word. However, many individuals expect more difficult and unique games. Anti Wordle appears to be a peculiar variant of Wordle, yet it is no less intriguing.

Instead of guessing the concealed word, Anti Wordle encourages players to refrain from doing so. There is no restriction to the number of attempts allowed. The game also uses color coding, however, a few rules have been modified.

Consequently, the gray tile indicates a letter that does not appear in the secret word, and you are unable to use it on your next turn. The yellow tile symbolizes a letter that is in the concealed word, but in the wrong order; the game challenges you to use that letter again, but in a new location, the following time. In the meantime, the letters that comprise the hidden word and are in the correct location will appear in red, and the game will correct that letter for your next attempt.

Due to the absence of a maximum number of attempts, the player is able to form all conceivable words from the remaining letters. When you successfully guess the correct word, the game will reveal the total number of guesses you have made. The greater the number of guesses, the greater the chance of succeeding.

How to win Anti Wordle?
The only thing you need to do to keep playing the game is to think of as many different permutations of a phrase as you possibly can. Your score is better if it contains a greater number of yellow letters.

As soon as you have discovered the secret term that contains all of the letters in red, you are compelled to keep utilizing that word.

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