The puzzle game Chessle is a lot of fun, and it's based on chess. You have to choose an opening, and then you can view the beautiful hue. The Chessle Game is a daily game that can only be played once per day and is part of today's challenge. The game of Chess is reset at the stroke of midnight, Pacific Standard Time, every day. We are excited to present Chessle, which is comparable to Wordle but is designed for chess openings rather than words. The guidelines can be comprehended with little effort. You are obligated to enter the room from one of the openings of your choosing, and oh my goodness, look at all of these wonderful hues!

How to play the Chessle game?

The guidelines are easy to understand; the only requirement is that you go through a doorway of your choosing and observe the vivid colors. You can play Normal Mode (3 moves per side) or Expert Mode (5 moves per side). You have the opportunity to make six guesses, and a new Chessle will be generated every day at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

The presence of green on Nf3 denotes that the card was played in that specific situation (White on move 2).
The color yellow on the die indicates that either white or black played the d4 position, but not at that particular place (White on move 1).
The color grey on d5 denotes that neither white nor black played d5 in that round.
Consider the moves to be carried out in the manner specified in the text. There is no equivalence between Nxe5 and Ne5!
You have 6 guesses.

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