The game Moviedle is similar to Wordle in that you watch a short clip from a movie and try to identify which movie it is.

What is Moviedle?

There are a number of people who are obsessed with movies and have seen so many of them that they are able to immediately identify the movie that is playing on TV simply by looking at a single clip from it. To what group do you belong? If this is the case, Moviedle was made for you. Moviedle is one of the many games that were inspired by Wordle; however, unlike Wordle, this game is not focused on words, so it takes a different approach. The game Moviedle requires players to identify a movie based on multiple scenes that flash before their eyes within a single second, so they will need to pay close attention to what they see.

How to play the Moviedle game?

On your first guess, you will only have one second of movie footage to work with. Yes, the whole movie flashes on a screen, from the beginning to the end. About 10 clips will play every second to help players figure out which movie of the day it is. To guess the right movie for today, all you need to know is its title. You'll have six tries before you fail, and each new try will slow things down a little. Moviedle will add more seconds so you can watch more of the movie as long as you don't guess the right title. The length of the hint clips keeps getting longer until the sixth turn, when they're six seconds long. Like Wordle, there is only one Moviedle each day.

After guessing the right movie (or failing to do so), you can try the puzzles from the day before by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right corner. When you click the button next to the calendar, you can see your statistics, like how many times you've played, when your winning streak ended, and what percentage of games you've won.

Moviedle also gives you links to the film's IMDb page and to where you can watch the streaming version if you want to learn more about it or watch it for yourself at the normal speed. This game is great for Wordle fans who want to learn more about movies because it has so many different things to do. Moviedle is not the same as Framed, which shows stills from movies. The stills become clearer as more clues are asked for.


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