Play the math-themed Wordle game called Nerdle. In contrast to the original game, you must guess hidden mathematical equations rather than words. You can enter your own algebraic equations using symbols and numbers to receive suggestions. You will have a total of six chances to figure out which equation was hidden by using numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equality. Play with equations from 5 to 12 characters and select different game lengths in the settings.

What is Nerdle?

By substituting numbers and equations for letters and words in Wordle, Nerdle is a commonplace math game. TheMann0707, a Reddit member, created the game. The makers of the game dubbed it "Wordle for math geeks" and designed it with Wordle in mind. You must daily guess equations in the game's eight columns of six guesses. You receive color-coded hints for your predictions, just like in Wordle, that you can utilize to determine the correct response.

How to play the Nerdle game?

1. Enter your own equation

Enter any valid equation to begin the game and start looking for hints. You will have a total of 6 attempts to estimate the target equation. You can use integers (0–9) and arithmetic signs (+––*/=) when calculating.

2. Find out what numbers and signs are in the e quation

The target equation will have any numbers or arithmetic signs that are in the wrong position underlined in yellow. The exact location of any numbers or signs within the equation will be marked in green. The absence of certain numbers or signs in the equation is indicated by the color gray.

3. Try to solve the target equation

You must correctly guess the equation in order to win the game (all spots are green). When the game is over, it's simple to post your score on social media, copy the link, and challenge your friends!


The guidelines are straightforward: In six tries, you must correctly estimate the mathematical equation. To determine what numbers and mathematical signs are in the equation, enter your own accurate equation in each line. If a number or sign is included in the equation but is in the incorrect location, it will be marked in yellow; otherwise, it will be highlighted in green. The color will be gray if the equation contains neither a number nor a sign. In six tries, can you predict the goal equation?

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