Polydle is a multi-grid variant of Wordle that allows you to select the number of grids you wish to solve simultaneously. You can simultaneously solve between 1 and 2315 grids. This means you can attempt to find all the words in a single game or solve random wordles on multiple grids. The more grids you tackle, the greater your chances of overcoming the challenge. So, good luck!

How to play the Polydle game?

Find all the Polydle words with the fewest possible guesses. Each guess must be a 5-letter, meaningful term. Press Enter to submit your response. After each guess, the colours will indicate your proximity to each phrase. The entire list of words is viewable by scrolling left and right. For each word you have not yet deciphered, you will receive a set of colours. Green squares indicate that the letter is properly placed within the word. Yellow squares indicate that the letter is present in the word but not in the correct location. The white squares indicate that the letter is absent from the word. There are new Polydles for each number and mode every day.

Polydle modes


In classic mode, the objective is to make the fewest possible guesses across all terms. Even though the game does not restrict the amount of guesses, n+5 is a decent target score (where n is the number of words).


In fast mode, it does not matter how many guesses you make. The only factor that matters is duration. The objective is to find all the words as rapidly as possible, regardless of the number of guesses required.


Perfect mode is more difficult to comprehend. The objective is to play flawlessly every time. In order for this to occur, the game will begin with the first word already entered. To initiate the game, simply press Enter. From then on, it will ensure that (at least) one column always has a unique term depending on the previous hints. With each guess, you must locate a column in which this is true and then determine the unique word. If you correctly identify this word, it will lead you to additional clues in other columns until you determine what each column represents.

You lose Polydle after three incorrect guesses. Therefore, if your estimate is incorrect, the line will turn red and you will not receive any further tips. The only thing you learn from this is that none of the other columns contain the word you guessed. You can guess incorrectly in one of two ways. You may guess a word that does not match any of the hints in any column. The alternative, which is more difficult to avoid, is that you chose the incorrect column, which means you chose a column in which there were multiple ways to solve the clues so far. In this instance, it simply indicates that the answer is in a different column; you should try that column instead.

If you are unsuccessful, the game will display the remaining words in one of the correct orders. This means that each guess will be based on the previous hints. Even if there are several possible orders, Polydle will only display one. Have fun!

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