Dordle Game

Dordle game is a variation of the Wordle game where you have to guess 2 words at once in seven tries. The game is played on two 6x5 grids and each time you enter a word, it is filled in both grids. And after each guess, you will get letter clues to show how close you are to the two target words. 

What is Dordle?

Dordle game comes with a double challenge by doubling the number of grids. It gives Wordle game an interesting new twist. According to its tagline, 'Dordle is Double Wordle'; it is an exact variation of Wordle with twin grids that gives you a total of 7 chances to find out two mystery words.

This game is designed for Wordle game enthusiasts who want a little more from their word games. It is a wonderful enhancement over Wordle in terms of difficulty level.

How to play the Dordle Game?

You have to 7 chances to guess 2 five-letter words at the same time.

To start the game, just enter any five-letter word then press Enter. It will then be entered in 2 parts of the game. 

After your guess, the letter will change its color to give you hints about the hidden words. As you have to guess 2 different words, the colors of the letters will change in both grids in different ways. 

If it's GREEN, then the letter you guessed is in the target word and in the right place.

If it's YELLOW, then the letter you guessed is in the target word but in the wrong place.

If it's GRAY, then the letter is not in the target word.

Can you guess all 2 words at the same time?

When you have successfully solved 2 words, you can share your result on social media. 

Dordle Game Tips and Tricks

Here are various hints and techniques to help players in finishing the puzzles! 

- Start with words that contain no repeating letters and has 2 to 3 vowels and some of the most widely used consonants. This will help you eliminate as many words as possible (such as L, T, and Y). If you're still struggling to come up with a first word, you can start with "Latin," fulfill the criteria listed above, and then work your way up to create the starting word list.

- To easily guess 2 Wordles in seven chances, you must take advantage of the hints that you have to the maximum. 

- Think carefully before entering a word. After each guess, you will have clues to the target word. So you should take your time and think carefully. Gray letters are letters that are not in the word at all. So you shouldn't use them in your next guess. It's waste of time.

Dordle Game FAQs

What is the difference between Dordle and Wordle?

Dordle game follows the basic rules of Wordle game. However, the difference is that you need to solve 2 Wordles at once and you have 7 tries to complete the challenge.

Because there are 2 hidden words, the color hints are also divided into 2 grids according to the side of the game. It's much more challenging than the classic Wordle.

What is the best starting word in Dordle?

You should use a word that contains no repeating letters and has as many vowels as possible. The best starting words are RADIO, CRANE, SLOTH.

Can I play Dordle in different languages?

Yes. You can change the language in the Settings at the top left corner. Dordle game is available in many languages.

Dordle game is a great spin-off of the Wordle game. Let's take the challenge now and see if you can become Dordle master!

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